Podcast: Solo Episode On Power Planning & Getting Organised In 2021 (Episode 33)

2021 planning

The first six weeks of 2021 have flown by..! In this solo episode of the podcast, I share my 5 key strategies for power planning, time management and getting organised in 2021. These practices ensure that I am utilising my time effectively and also help ensure that my days and weeks run so much smoother.

In this episode, we cover some key strategies and practices, including:

  • Power planning and developing a weekly practice for writing a to-do list and a not to-do list.
  • Understanding key priorities, identifying needle-moving tasks and recognising when I feel resistance towards certain tasks.
  • Utilising iPhone and Outlook calendars to schedule all tasks, meetings and commitments.
  • The benefits of creating a contingency plan.
  • Committing and executing on your plans and priorities.

We also cover some key organisational practices I use on a daily and weekly basis, including:

  • Meal prep, grocery shopping and planning food for the week.
  • Cleaning and decluttering.
  • Preparing work outfits in advance.

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In this episode on power planning, I make references to Episode 32 – How To Set Audacious Goals In 2021 You Actually Stick To. 

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