Podcast: Solo Episode On 7 Strategies To Overcome Perfectionism (Episode 35)

Overcoming Perfectionism

Perfectionism is something which I have suffered from for most of my life. It has only been in recent years where I have truly begun to understanding the meaning of perfectionism and how it was negatively impacting my life. I have since recognised, there is a difference between having high standards and perfectionism.

I wanted to record this episode to share my experiences and the 7 strategies which I have found useful to overcome perfectionism.

In this solo episode, we cover:

  • The key symptoms of perfectionists, and how to recognise perfectionism within yourself and others.
  • How to understand and source the root cause of perfectionism.
  • How having an ‘all or nothing’ mindset can be detrimental to your goals and dreams.
  • Why it is ok to take the role of a student and adopt a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset
  • Time management techniques to overcome procrastination.

You can listen to the full episode by searching for The Boss in Heels Podcast on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio or Amazon Music. You can also listen directly by clicking the link below:

In this episode, I make reference to the following books:

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle.

A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle.

 The Untethered Soul – Michael A. Singer

I also like to credit Sam Laura Brown for her work on perfectionism throughout this episode.

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