Podcast: Anna Young – The Leadership Expert On How To Break Free Of Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Career Success (Episode 38)

Anna Young

Anna Young is a highly regarded careers and leadership expert, who is currently General Manager Leadership & Talent at Wesfarmers. Through her work, Anna prepares leaders to lead through continual change and disruption to achieve optimal performance and growth. Anna is an expert in succession and talent management, leadership assessment and accelerated development, team effectiveness and executive coaching. She is a true professional who makes a significant impact on the careers and lives of other people.

It’s not every day that you get to speak with someone who is highly purposeful and adept to elevating the careers of others. There was so much career intelligence and wisdom Anna shared throughout this episode.

In this episode we discussed:

  • How to unlock mental limitations to achieve your goals.
  • How to set boundaries and create balance between the competing demands of career, life, and family.
  • Common characteristics and traits amongst high performers.
  • Self education vs. formal education.
  • How to lean into intuition, engage in honest self-reflection and identify your triggers.

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