Podcast: Belinda Agnew – Overcoming Bullying, Breaking The Internet & Disrupting The HR Tech World (Episode 14)

Belinda Agnew is the founder of Foccus Group, a fully serviced global recruitment agency with a digital edge. She is a highly motivated entrepreneur who has experienced incredible success, is breaking the internet and has made a real mark in the B2B world. Aside from her unique approach in utilising tech to access the best sales and tech talent, Foccus group is now offering a content creation service within the B2B world for her clients.

Belinda is also a co-host on The Impossible, a show on Ticker TV where her goal is to interview successful entrepreneurs from all over the world, with the aim of inspiring others to make the impossible seem possible.
Belinda’s hunger, drive and ability to dominate the industry is challenging the more traditional methods of recruitment.
In this episode, we cover:

  • Becoming a female entrepreneur and founding Foccus Group.
  • Overcoming significant challenges including growing up in a single parent household and being bullied in the corporate world.
  • How building a strong personal brand is the single most powerful tool when it comes to BDM and building your business.
  • Content creation including LinkedIn and social media strategies and tips
  • Building confidence, facing fears and creating massive impact.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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You can learn more about Belinda and Foccus Group here:

Belinda Agnew Instagram: @belindaagneworiginal

Foccus Group Instagram: @foccusrecruitment

Foccus Group Website: www.foccus.com.au

Belinda Agnew LinkedIn: Belinda Agnew 

Anna Bezougla Instagram: @Anna_bezuglova

Anna Bezougla Website: female frontier.com

Belinda’s EA: will@foccus.com.au

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