Cass Spies: The Ice-Cream Queen Gives Her Step-By-Step Guide To Building An Empire (Episode 49)

Today’s guest is the co-founder and CEO of Twisted Healthy Treats, Australia’s first and only female led ice cream company. When Cass Spies couldn’t find the ice-cream that she and her family could enjoy without feeling guilty afterwards, she created her own. Twisted Healthy Treats are now found in Woolworths and school canteens across the country, as well as in Costco’s both in here in Australia and in the US.

In this episode, Cass Spies and I discuss:

• How Cass took her company from idea to empire.

• How and why Cass was able to pivot the company during COVID.

• Her all-female executive team.

• How to take on legacy ice cream companies.

• How you know if you should pursue your business idea or not.

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