Chris Morsley: My Legendary Coach Teaches Us How To Develop Power, Presence & Influence (Episode 50)

Chris Morsley

For our 50th Episode we are breaking from tradition with Boss in Heels’ first male guest, Chris Morsley! As the Founder and CEO of CMC Global, Chris is an executive coach specializing in power, persuasion and influence. Chris Morsley trains everyone from C-Suite executives, to media personalities, to myself! That’s right, Chris is my own personal executive coach and I consider him my secret weapon which I’m gladly sharing with you today.

In this episode, Chris and I discuss:

  • How storytelling has the power to change your life
  • How Chris helps people finding their most authentic, powerful selves
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How building other people up can boost you, not hinder you
  • How investing in and working with a coach has helped me to overcome fears, gain more confidence and step into my true authentic power

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LinkedIn: Chris Morsley


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