Podcast: Claude Silver – Chief Heart Officer VaynerMedia On Pushing Boundaries, Creating Culture & Having Heart (Episode 24)

Claude Silver
Claude Silver

Claude Silver is the first Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia, a Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) company, which is a full-service digital agency. She was hand selected by Gary Vee himself to be her right hand woman, where she serves to cultivate the hearts of its 800+ employees.

Claude’s passion is facilitating growth and change in people, teams and companies. She has an incredible track record with Fortune 50 companies and has been recognised in Forbes, Campaign and Inc amongst many other publications. Claude’s focus is to help individuals feel a sense of belonging.  

Claude’s ability to hire and nurture exceptional talent and leading large-scale global teams propelled the creation of her role as Chief Heart Officer.  

Not only is Claude a phenomenal leader, however she is a warm and wonderful human being. The work that she is doing at VaynerMedia is truly on purpose. Claude is a real game changer – she leads by the heart and her kindness, empathy and compassion truly shines through.

In this passionate and powerful episode, we cover:

  • Claude’s innate desire and drive to constantly push the boundaries.
  • Claude’s incredible career trajectory, including the story of how Gary Vee created the position of Chief Heart Officer, a role that is specifically tailored to Claude’s unique talents and capabilities.
  • Talent acquisition, creating culture and retention.
  • What it means to have heart in an organisation.
  • Strategies for climbing the corporate ladder and creating confidence.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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You can learn more about Claude here:

Instagram: @claudesilver

Twitter: @claudesilver

LinkedIn: Claude Silver

Website: www.claudesilver.com


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