How I Create Joy At Home

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” – Henn J.M. Nouwen.

With everything that’s been happening in the world right now, more of us are having to spend more time living and working from home. Given the hours that we are spending within our homes, it’s more important now than ever before to look for ways to create our own joy.

I love spending time at home and have created a space which I love to be in. It is so important to create a space which is positive and sparks a sense of joy. There are a few things which I regularly practice in my own home to achieve this:


Every morning when I wake up, one of the first things I do is meditation followed by a gratitude practice. My gratitude practice is really simple, and requires me to write down at least 3 things I feel grateful for in that moment. It could be as simple as being grateful for my home and for having a roof over my head, my health and my family.

Whilst this practice may sound really simple, it is incredibly powerful. When you put pen to paper and specify the things you are grateful for, it has a magical quality to it. Since starting this practice and choosing to focus on all the good things, I’ve truly invited more and more goodness to come into my life.


One of the most wonderful practices I’ve adopted is to regularly declutter and organise my home. I have read Marie Kondo’s Best-Selling book The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up and have adopted the practices outlined in the book. In this book, Marie talks to the practice of decluttering your home and only keeping items which spark joy. I am ruthless when it comes to throwing out unwanted clothes, shoes, paperwork or other household items which no longer serve their purpose. Where possible, I try to give these items away to charity or in some cases, sell the item on eBay. It is a wonderful opportunity to provide things to others where it may go to a better home, or use it as an opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side.

The result of this practice means that I am only surrounded by things that I love, and things that spark joy. When I walk through the front door, everything I see sparks joy. When I open up my wardrobe, all I see is clothes that spark joy. The same goes for the books on my bookshelf, and any other corner of my home. We are spending too much time in our own homes to not be surrounded by the things that we love. Sometimes even just a good declutter and clean can instantly elevate my mood and make me feel better.


There are a few things which I absolutely love to have in my home, and which bring me so much joy. Where possible, I love to have fresh flowers or greenery, it instantly uplifts my mood and there is something so wonderful about bringing a little piece of nature inside. At a minimum, I have a couple of orchids inside my home which I absolutely love. These last so much longer that cut flowers do, and instantly elevate a space – whether it be your kitchen, dining table, coffee table or bedroom.

I also love candles, and regularly burn them at home in the evenings. There is something so calming about candles, and the beautiful scent which fills the home so wonderfully.

I enjoy investing in timeless pieces, and at the moment am loving the Hermes Avalon blanket which my husband bought me. Whilst it is a luxury item and does cost a pretty penny, investing in good quality, timeless pieces is worth the investment.

Other little luxuries that bring me joy at home include drinking tea out of a mug or tea cup and saucer which I love. Going out for a walk in the morning and getting a proper, barista made coffee. Drinking out of a glass, refillable water bottle which I keep on my desk while working at home. Writing in beautiful notepads and with a good quality pen. Using AirPods while talking on the phone so I’m not constantly holding the phone to my ear. These may sounds like minutiae details, but joy is often found in the small, seemingly insignificant details.


What are some of the ways you create joy at home? I would love to hear some of your ideas and practices, please leave your comments below!

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