Danny Morel: Unlocking Your Highest Potential & Living As Your Truest Self (Episode 79)

Danny Morel
Danny Morel

Danny Morel spent his entire life doing what the world told him he needed to do… looking outside for what was always awaiting for him inside.

Danny built a massive real estate company (over 1.1 billion in annual sales), had the nicest car, fanciest gold watch and even made the Inc 500 list a couple of times.

Whilst this all looked great from the outside, Danny found himself feeling deeply unhappy and lost. He went through an immense period of growth and self discovery, leading him to selling his real estate company in 2020 and dedicating himself to a life of purpose through leading others to feel and find themselves – the same type of healing and awakening Danny himself had been through.

In this deeply enriching conversation, Danny and I discuss:

  • The process by which Danny went through meaningful life change and awakening to his higher purpose.
  • How to create opportunities for growth out of periods of despair.
  • Plant medicine, and the instrumental role it played in Danny’s healing journey. 
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting, and practical ways to incorporate this into your life.
  • Finding your happiness and inner peace.

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