Darcy Milne & Lara Nercessian: My Podcast Producer & I Switch Seats & Interviews Me For The Show (Episode 66)

Podcast producer

In this rare episode of The Boss in Heels Podcast, I invite my award-winning Podcast Producer Darcy Milne of Pro-Podcast Production onto the show. This is a two part series whereby in Part 1, Darcy and I switch seats and he interviews me for the show. We delve deep and Darcy asks me questions to things which I haven’t previously spoken about on the show including:

  • My personal story, upbringing, career choices and more.
  • How I’ve developed my career as a senior executive for a large organisation.
  • How I stopped comparing myself to others and learned to stay in my own lane.
  • The importance of finding your purpose and operating in line with your values.
  • The story of how I started the podcast, and the role that Darcy has played in producing The Boss in Heels Podcast.

In part 2, we switch roles again and I ask Darcy all your burning questions to do with podcasting. We talk everything from how to start a podcast, to what equipment you need, and so much more. Part 2 will be released and available for download on Thursday 14th October 2021 – stay tuned!

You can listen to the full episode by searching for The Boss in Heels Podcast on:

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You can learn more about my award-winning Podcast Producer Darcy and Pro Podcast Production here:

Website: https://propodcastproduction.com

Instagram: @propodcastproduction

LinkedIn: Darcy Milne

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