Podcast: Solo Episode – How To Create An Elite Morning Routine & Start Rising Early (Episode 34)

Elite Morning Routine

One of the most impactful practices I’ve developed, is creating and instilling an elite morning routine. My days are so much more positive and productive when I rise early and spend the first couple of hours of my day investing in myself. It’s days like this where I truly feel like I am an unstoppable force!

In this solo episode of the podcast, we cover:

  • The benefits of rising early and creating an elite morning routine, and how world class performers and thought leaders including Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson utilise early morning wake up calls to gain a competitive edge.
  • 5 strategies for training yourself to start rising early.
  • The key lessons I learned from Robyn Sharma’s The 5am Club, including his 20/20/20 formula.
  • How to set a structure and create an elite morning routine.
  • the details of my personal morning routine, how it has evolved over time and what it looks like as of today.

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