Podcast: Ella Podmore – How McLaren’s Engineer Of The Year Is Creating Her Own Future (Episode 46)

Ella Podmore

If you are looking to hear from an inspiring woman, look no further than Ella Podmore, Materials Engineer at McLaren Automotive and 2020 Young Woman Engineer of the Year. When her favourite car manufacturer didn’t offer the job she wanted, Ella politely wrote them a letter convincing them that they should. That letter led to an interview, which led to McLaren starting up a brand-new materials division and offering Ella the chance to run it.

In this episode, Ella and I discuss:

• How she convinced McLaren to create a department for her to run.

• Why Ella didn’t wait to find her role model.

• What a typical day at McLaren looks like.

• How and why you should invest in yourself first.

• How Ella has mastered being the only woman in the room.

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Instagram: @ella_podmore

Twitter: @ella_podmore

LinkedIn: Ella Podmore 

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