Solo Episode: Negotiating New Jobs, Asking For Flexible Working Arrangements & More (Episode 60)

flexible work arrangements

In the latest episode of the podcast, I recorded a solo episode answering some of your most frequently asked questions on how to negotiate with prospective new employers, ask for flexible working arrangements and more. This has been a highly requested episode for the show, as many of my audience (you guys)! are ambitions individuals who are serious about making a mark in their careers. Being equipped with the tools and strategies can help ensure win-win outcomes for both the employer and employee.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How COVID has changed working conditions and invited more flexible working arrangements.
  • How to negotiate flexible working arrangements and other requests with prospective or current employers.
  • The appropriate timing is to request flexible work arrangements.
  • Strategies for working mums who are looking to re-enter the workforce and negotiate good outcomes.
  • How to approach your employer if you want to start a side-hustle whilst retaining your job.

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In this episode, I make reference to my solo episode where I share my strategies on how to manage a side hustle with a demanding full-time job. You can listen to this on episode 22 of the podcast.

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