How to be More Organised

How to be more organised.

We all know that one person who is a vision of perfection and has their life ‘put together.’ Their personal presentation is always on point, their office and home are immaculate and they never seem to skip a beat.

The interesting part about organised and ‘put together’ individuals is that they were not necessarily born organised. Rather, they have developed several healthy habits along the way shaping the behavioural traits of an organised person.

So, how do you become more organised in your everyday life? You can start by…


Having a plan of action and scheduling in meetings, tasks and events is incredibly important to me. I work well with having a plan and creating structure in my day. I buy myself a diary to kick off each new calendar year and also use the calendar in my iPhone to schedule in important dates and events. When it comes to work, I use my Outlook calendar to schedule in meetings and deadlines, and also use a notebook for my ‘to-do’ list. I write all my daily and project-based tasks down in my notebook so I don’t miss any important work or deadlines.


It is easy to procrastinate and get side-tracked when browsing online or watching the latest series on Netflix (especially if you are like me and a series a day type person)! By writing down a list, I can see exactly what I want or need to achieve for the day. Once I have completed my list for the day, I can then enjoy ‘me-time’ without the guilt of all those wasted hours in the day. This requires a fair bit of discipline, but once you develop this habit, you will feel much better about enjoying your free time.


One of the most important habits of organised people is knowing where things are, because everything has its place. I tend to suffer from a mild case of OCD which spans across all areas including my home, office, wardrobe, handbag and everything in between. Knowing where you keep your keys, clothes, important documents etc. can save you a lot of unnecessary stress and time searching later. I know where everything is and it allows be to be so much more efficient with my time.


I am ruthless when it comes to de-cluttering and throwing out items which are no longer required or serve purpose in my life. Over-packed drawers, cupboards and shelving can lead to having a cluttered home. I am a big believer that having a cluttered home leads to having a cluttered mind and consequently, a cluttered life. My general rule of thumb when de-cluttering if that if I haven’t worn something in 12 months, I need to get rid of it.


If you are anything like me and receive a large volume of work emails, you need to develop a really good system for staying on top of it. Every person works differently and different systems may work better for some over others. For me personally, I have email folders set up by category (for example- recruitment, payroll, learning & development etc.) All items sit in my inbox until they have been responded to or actioned accordingly. Once actioned, I then file away into the appropriate folder. This system works incredibly well for me, and ensures I do not miss anything important at work.

When it comes to personal email, I have been quite selective with what emails I have subscribed to, in order to keep unnecessary emails down to a minimum.


What systems do you use to stay on top of your email, or to be more organised in your everyday life? I would love to hear your thoughts- leave your comments below!


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