Podcast: International Women’s Day With World Class Talent Manager Alexia Dobbin (Episode 36)

Alexia Dobbin

I was recently joined by world class Talent Manager Alexia Dobbin to record a special episode of the podcast for International Women’s Day 2021.

Lexy is a highly successful Talent Manager, who started her career booking DJ’s for weddings and local bars. Her career took off when she landed a role with Ministry of Sound Australia as a Touring Coordinator. At just 23 years of age, Lexy became Ministry of Sounds first female talent agent. In this role, Lexy demonstrated exemplary leadership and innovation, and created the Corporate Division for Ministry of Sound.

Lexy is highly regarded for her exceptional work within the music industry. She is constantly seeking new ways to change, improve and disrupt. She has worked with her talent to headline major dance festivals globally, broker collaborations with other industry heavyweights and the end game, clocking up millions of plays.

Lexy is now the founder of Alexia Dobbin Enterprises, and is highly regarded for her exceptional work within the music and sports industries. Lexy is the voice that speaks for the talent, is a creator of brand partnerships and is an educator, inspiring the next generation of Talent Managers.

In this episode, we cover:

  • International Women’s Day, and what it means to ‘choose to challenge.’
  • Having an unstoppable mindset, pushing boundaries and never taking no for an answer.
  • The inspirational women who have helped Lexy build a successful talent enterprise.
  • The role Lexy is now playing in educating and empowering the next generation of Talent Managers.
  • The ‘dark side’ and harsh realities of the music industry.
  • Finding purpose and being an advocate for positive change.

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In this episode, Lexy and I referred to the first podcast episode we recorded together which you can listen to here.

We also made reference to the following books:

You can learn more about Lexy and see what she is up to here:

Instagram (Personal): @lexydobbin

Instagram (Corporate): @alexia.dobbin

LinkedIn: Alexia Dobbin

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