Podcast: Jo Eleanor – From Doctor To Artist, A Master Calligrapher Details Her Incredible Career Change (Episode 40)

Jo Eleanor
Jo Eleanor, Founder Calligraphy en Vogue

Jo Eleanor was a Principal podiatrist and Director of a medical clinic for ten years. Whilst on maternity leave, Jo decided to take up calligraphy classes simply to improve her handwriting.
After sharing her art on social media, Jo quickly grew a following and started her business: Calligraphy en Vogue, where she creates some of the most beautiful calligraphy you will ever see and keeps on finding more and more ways to utilise it for weddings, events and businesses, with clients including Chanel, Dior, Hermes and Cartier to name a few.

Jo is also the host of a brand new podcast, The Luxury Creative, where she shares her insights as to how she created a multiple six figure business and cultivated an incredible community.
In this episode, Jo and I discuss:

  • The decision-making process behind selling a successful medical practice.
  • The story behind how a calligraphy class Jo booked on a whim unexpectedly kickstarted a new career.
  • How to turn a hobby into a thriving, multiple six figure business and create an incredible community.
  • How Jo landed her dream luxury clients including Chanel, Dior and Hermes amongst many others.
  • Jo’s most prized possessions (it’s not what you think)!

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You can learn more about Jo Eleanor and what she is up to here:

Website: https://calligraphyenvogue.com

Instagram: @calligraphyenvogue

Podcast: @the_luxury_creative

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