Podcast: Solo Episode On Overcoming Shyness, Building Careers, Founding Boss in Heels, Creating The Podcast & More (Episode 20)

Solo Podcast episode with Boss in Heels Founder, Lara Nercessian.

Lara Nercessian

It is the 20th episode of The Boss in Heels Podcast, and so many of you have been asking me to record a solo podcast episode – so I thought what better time than right now?

In this episode, I get really vulnerable and share my personal story. I talk about how I was bullied growing up, resulting in me staying small and minimising myself. I talk about overcoming extreme shyness and how I began to find confidence. My career journey, from graduating as a Psychology Student to trying to land my first job as a Human Resources Assistant, which was one of the most disheartening periods of my life. To then climbing the corporate ladder, performing well and getting headhunted by corporations, only to realise that I had been living my life on pre-set tracks. How I came up with the idea of starting my own blog and launching Boss in Heels. To the story behind how I created the podcast, with only 48 hours notice and a rare opportunity to interview none other than Elena Cardone.

I also share how I am now more than ever living on purpose, and how podcasting and running my private coaching business have become two of my favourite things to do.

I really do get personal and cover quite a lot of ground in this episode. If this is something you enjoy and you would like me to record some more solo episodes amongst having my incredible podcast guests, please let me know!

You can listen to the full episode here:

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Some of the resources and people I mention throughout this episode are listed here:

Elena Cardone

Grant Cardone

Pro Podcast Production

Andy Scarano

Simon Hodges

Success Resources Australia

Belinda Agnew

You can contact me directly via the following channels:

Submitting a contact form here.

Sending me an email via lara@bossinheels.com

Sending me a DM via Instagram @bossinheels_

Contacting me via LinkedIn at Lara Nercessian.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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