Mark Metry: From Extreme Shyness To Forbes Featured TedX Speaker: The Journey Of Being Yourself & Eliminating Social Anxiety (Episode 76)

Mark Metry

Mark Metry is the creator and host of Humans 2.0, a podcast that explores mental health and social anxiety in today’s rapidly changing world. Mark focuses on scientifically proven methods to improve your mental health and some of the episodes cover how your diet can help beat depression and anxiety, to a practical guide on how to network if you’re shy or introverted.

Before Mark became a podcast host, Forbes Featured TEDx keynote speaker, bestselling author, and social anxiety coach, he was crippled with long-term anxiety, depression, and obesity. It was so bad that, not only could he barely make eye contact with people, he started down the tragic path of suicide ideation. Since hitting rock bottom, Mark has spent every single day turning his life around by learning how to climb out of that dark hole and sharing it with others. As he likes to say, he should have become a statistic, but instead became successful inside and out.

In this episode, Mark and I discuss:

  • How Mark spiralled from having social anxiety to becoming suicidal
  • What inspired Mark’s incredible life turnaround and why he was compelled to share it with the world
  • The steps Mark took to combat social anxiety and get his sense of free will back
  • Why success on paper doesn’t necessarily mean success in life
  • Strategies to overcome extreme shyness and social anxiety.

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