5 Strategies To Get Yourself Out Of A Mid-Year Slump (Episode 53)

Mid-Year Slump

Many of us find ourselves to be motivated at the beginning of the new year. We start each year with big dreams, big goals and big aspirations. But what happens a few months in to the year when life gets in the way? When we start to feel burnt out and exhausted? When we lose momentum and motivation? When we find ourselves in a mid-year slump?

In recent years, I have developed a habit of conducting a mid-year review on my progress. What has gone well? What hasn’t gone so well? How do I intend on spending the next 6 months of the year?

There are a few practices I put in place two get myself out of a mid-year slump. In this solo episode of the podcast, I share some of these strategies and cover:

  • How to identify your feelings and ask yourself the right questions.
  • The importance of taking time to self-care, and some of my most effective and enjoyable self-care practices.
  • How to establish an effective routine that instills a level of discipline, and does not rely on motivation.
  • Small, daily action and how seemingly insignificant habits can build up over time like compound interest and produce massive results
  • The power of practicing positivity including gratitude, mindset and consuming uplifting content

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