Podcast: Tandia Walsh & Elle Peter – The Brains Behind Mother SPF On Necessity Being The Mother Of All Invention (Episode 28)

Mother SPF
Mother SPF Founders: Tandia Walsh & Elle Peter

MOTHER SPF was born out of necessity when Tandia Walsh’s mother was diagnosed with leukemia. After extensive research, Tandia searched high and low for a sunscreen that wasn’t filled with hidden toxins. When she couldn’t find one, she went on a four year journey to create one herself. Tandia, along with friend and marketing maestro Elle Peter, created and launched MOTHER SPF, the all-natural sunscreen that’s a force for good in the world… and for your skin. 

MOTHER SPF’s mission is simple – to bring individuals who do not have hours to spend on sunscreen research, a stress-free and all natural sun protectant solution that is both conscious in evolution and production and is a complete first in the sunscreen world. The product is formulated differently from most sunscreens – it contains no preservatives and is made from pure ingredients which are unrefined and unchanged from the natural form. 

In this wide-ranging, inspiring and insightful conversation, Tandia, Elle and I spoke about: 

  • The steps Tandia and Elle took to take MOTHER SPF from an idea to a product on the shelves.
  • The importance of integrity, passion and persistence in business and in life. 
  • The negative impact of regular sunscreen on your body and on the environment.
  • The importance of finding the right business partner, and strategies on how to build an effective partnership. 
  • Purpose-led businesses and why it’s important to just ‘do good’. 

You can listen to the full episode here:

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You can learn more about MOTHER SPF here:

Website: www.motherspf.com

Instagram: @motherspf

Facebook: @MotherSPFSunscreen

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