Podcast: Nathalie Colin – Former Creative Director & VP Of Communication Swarovski On Pursuing Big Dreams, Creativity, Finding Your Voice & Driving Positive Change (Episode 18)

Nathalie Colin

Nathalie Colin is a Creative Director, who has over 30 years’ experience in multi-cultural and international environments and significant entrepreneurial experience of establishing an agency. Nathalie is best recognised for her impressive 14 year + long career as the Creative Director and Vice President of Communication for Swarovski. In this position, Nathalie played an instrumental role in one of the world’s key fashion and jewellery brands, and contributed extensively to the modernisation and success of Swarovski.  

Nathalie is also a Management Board Member and someone who advocates for creativity, diversity and inclusion. She has played many roles including a Business Coach & mentor for Swarovski Senior Management Team, coaching leaders on how to think outside the box and to push the boundaries of what is possible creatively. Nathalie was also the President of the Alumni association of the ICN Business School, a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of supporting and bringing to life the schools’ unique concept based on creativity and innovation and connecting alumni and students through active mentoring programs, conferences and groups of interest across multiple industries. 

Based in Paris, Nathalie is passionate about design, creativity, people development, diversity & inclusion, change management, healthy living and positive thinking. Her strong fashion sense coupled with her business acumen makes her an extraordinary leader with incredible style and sophistication.

Nathalie is an extraordinary story-teller, and in this wide-ranging conversation, we cover:

  • Nathalie’s experience of undertaking a double education – one to reassure her parents and teachers in mathematics, chemistry and physics and how she then made the transition to design.  
  • Key lessons, learnings and experiences being Creative Director & VP of Communication at Swarovski.
  • Building confidence, speaking up and being an advocate for positive change. 
  • Embracing uniqueness, authenticity, tapping into your creativity and finding your own personal style. 
  • Overcoming doubt, fears and following your true passion and purpose.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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You can learn more about Nathalie and see what she is up to here:

Instagram: @nathaliecolin_

Twitter: Nathalie Colin

LinkedIn: Nathalie Colin

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