Olivia Carr: How To Get Millions Worth Of Marketing For Free

Olivia Carr: How to Get Millions Worth of Marketing for Free.

“Always say yes and work out the how later”- Olivia Carr.

Every wondered how people turn an idea into a million dollar product in just a few short years? Well, Olivia Carr, founder of ShhhSilk managed to do just that.

The Melbourne-based entrepreneur, award-winning business woman and mum of two has proven that she knows exactly what it takes to launch a prestige brand. She has also managed to gain free endorsement from the likes of the Kardashians and achieve global domination.

Olivia launched her brand in 2015 after realising that she couldn’t find quality, silk pillowcases to sleep on. Having gained knowledge of the extensive hair and skin benefits of sleeping on silk and sensing a gap in the market, Olivia did what any savvy entrepreneur would do. She found a solution to her dilemma by creating luxury silk company, ShhhSilk.

Understanding the power of celebrity endorsement, but lacking in sufficient funds, Olivia knew she would have to let the quality of her product win people over. She decided to take the leap, jump on a flight to L.A and hand-deliver her pillow cases to Kim Kardashian. Today, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and her celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic are amongst some of the brand’s biggest advocates.


The Success Resources Podcast is made for those who want the uncut truth about success and how to achieve it. It’s a blend of stories about making and breaking companies, mindset and actionable advice direct from the mouths of key leaders and entrepreneurs. I could personally listen to the show’s host, Jake Nicolle speak for hours.


In the latest Success Resources Podcast, Olivia shares a tonne of her secrets to building effective relationships. She openly talks about learning to trust her intuition, cease the moment and jump into opportunities as they arise. Olivia is incredibly open and honest. She provides valuable tips and tricks that can be applied to any entrepreneur looking to make an impact and grow their brand.

Now, I’m not going to give all of Olivia’s secrets away in this blog post. But if you want to learn all about how to create a successful eCommerce business and get celebrities to post about your products on social media for free, go to http://bit.ly/srapod1 and get onto the Success Resources Podcast now.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did! 

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