Amal Wakim: How To Back Yourself, Build An Empire & Still Create Balance (Episode 74)

Amal Wakim

Amal Wakim may look like an overnight success: the nutrition company she created with her former business partner Jade Spooner has seen revenue has grow almost 1,000% in the past two years. Equalution has hundreds of thousands of devoted followers on social media, and are scorching hot in the business world having just made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find an incredibly inspiring story that transcends business success and is a lesson in working towards a higher purpose. Before going into business together, Amal and Jade kept each other accountable to lose a combined 50kgs. Through this weight loss journey they found their true purpose in life – helping others lose weight. They quit their jobs at Google and risked everything to start Equalution, a nutrition company that take a science-based approach creating individualised meal plans without sacrificing the foods you love.
The pair started off working at a shopping center for the free wifi and their first week of pay was a measly $240, but after years of 16 hour days, seven-day workweeks, and a lot of all-nighters in the office, Amal now runs a multi-million dollar business and are changing people’s lives for the better.

In this episode, Amal and I discuss:

  • Where Amal got her ambition, drive and entrepreneurial fire from.
  • The personal struggles and sacrifices Amal made in the early days.
  • How to back yourself and build a business based off your intuition.
  • Amal’s elite routines, habits and routines.
  • How to create balance and still achieve business success. 

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