Solo Episode On Personal Development & Life Update – August 2021 (Episode 59)

Personal development

In this solo episode of The Boss in Heels Podcast, I provide a personal development and life update for August 2021. I share some of my thoughts, reflections and insights and some of my biggest lessons to date.

As many of you would know, I am a huge advocate of personal development, and am constantly committed to pushing the envelope of what I believe is possible for myself. In particular, I have been utilising this Sydney lockdown period as an opportunity for personal growth.
In this episode, I cover:

  • How I’ve been maximising this Sydney lockdown period, and the strategies I’ve been using the live my best lockdown life.
  • The personal breakthrough I experienced in learning how to both ‘learn’ and ‘do’ at the same time.
  • What new initiatives, skills and workouts I’ve been trying during lockdown.
  • The books I’ve been reading and my latest book recommendations.
  • Home and life organisation.

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