3 Qualities of Successful Women

Each year, Forbes magazine publishes their list of the world’s most powerful women. This definitive annual audit considers the heads of state, iconic entrepreneurs, CEOs, celebrity role models, billionaire activists and pioneer philanthropists, all ranked according to net worth, media momentum, influence and impact. It is no surprise then that Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Anna Wintour and Beyonce Knowles are frequent contenders, topping this chart year upon year. So what does it take to become a successful woman? There are certain universal qualities and characteristics which powerful and successful women possess, including:


Successful women are knowledgeable women. They become subject matter experts in their field. They spend hours reading, researching and increasing their worth. Successful women look for opportunities to either self-educate or undertake further formal qualifications such as completing an MBA. Successful women know that self-knowledge and insight are key. They understand themselves, they are aware of their flaws and if they are unsure, they are not afraid to ask for help or seek advice from a mentor.


Persistence is key to the success of any individual. Successful women know what they want and consistently work towards achieving their goals. Successful women do not get easily distracted; they plan and prepare for obstacles and setbacks, and are not deterred when such challenges should arise.


Successful women are firm on their goals but flexible in their approach. Some of the best career moves I have personally made have been when I was not even actively searching. Stay open and flexible and if an incredible opportunity presents itself, say yes! You never know if and when you will get another chance.

Remember, consistency is key! Continue to work towards your goals and look for opportunities to improve yourself both personally and professionally! The more effort you put in, the greater the reward and the more successful you will be! Now, go smash those goals!!!

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