Private Coaching


If you are an ambitious individual who feels like they have more to offer the world however are feeling stuck in their own way, you’ve come to the right place.

Lara is a highly accomplished leader with exemplary educational qualifications including a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She is recognised for her impressive 11+ year career as a Head of Human Resources, and is passionate about helping others to realise their full potential and become the best version of themselves.

Lara is an experienced coach who offers an extremely limited number of private 1:1 sessions specialising in career and personal / life coaching. She uses proven strategies and practices to deep dive into the neurological conditioning of her clients and help them to identify and overcome their limiting self beliefs. She works closely with her clients to ensure the right system, strategies and tools are in place to perform at an optimal level and achieve massive results across their careers, businesses and lives.

Lara is passionate about ensuring her clients instil good habits and routines to ensure massive impact and lasting change.

If you are ready to create positive impact in your life and commit to investing in yourself, you can submit your request below. Our team will be in touch with you to schedule a preliminary consultation call, ensuring it makes sense for us to work together.

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