Solo Episode: Small Changes Which Have Positively Improved My Life (Episode 73)

Small Changes

A lot has happened these past couple of years – both globally and on a personal level. Despite all the change and disruption, I have learned to remain more calm and in control. I have learned that success is not necessarily found in some big, monumental event. However it is often the result of the small, incremental habits and decisions we make on a daily basis.

Having a solid and consistent routine is something which is really important to me. No matter how disruptive a given situation may be, having a series of predictable steps I follow each morning means that I am in a better headspace to tackle whatever challenges are thrown at me throughout the day. It also results in me taking a more proactive, rather than reactive approach to my day. 

Aside from having a consistent morning and evening routine, there are a few practices and small changes I’ve put in place which have positively impacted my life. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to start living and being in the present moment.
  • The benefits of breath work and cold water therapy.
  • Learning to listen and lean into your intuition.
  • The importance of doing passionate work and how to find your passion.
  • Self-care techniques.

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