Podcast: Solo Episode On 7 Strategies To Seriously Make A Mark In Your Career (Episode 23)

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I am frequently asked about how I have climbed the corporate ladder and continuously been promoted to positions of increased authority. In this week’s episode, I share my 7 key strategies on how to seriously make a mark in your career. I go into the granular detail on my tried and tested methods, and provide my own personal insights and experiences.

In this episode, I cover:

  1. The importance of having a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset: How taking the approach of the student and constantly seeking feedback and opportunities to improve has served me in my career.
  2. Personal & Professional Development: How investing in your growth can help give you leverage in your professional life, and for a greater purpose. I share the details of the ways in which I have invested in my personal and professional development, as well as some cost effective practices I’ve developed.
  3. The power of working hard and having a solid work ethic: How working really hard in my career has served me well, and the conscious, personal sacrifices I’ve made in order to reach my professional goals.
  4. Personal PR: Why doing a good job simply isn’t enough, and reasons why you should work on building your own personal brand and developing your own personal PR.
  5. Presentation Skills: The way that you dress, behave and speak matters. I share the details on how I pride myself on my personal presentation skills, and why you should do.
  6. Deliver a World Class Performance: I share my lessons learned from Ann Miura Ko, Co-Founder of Floodgate VC Firm, a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Stanford, and listed by Forbes as the most powerful woman in start-ups.
  7. The importance of finding a mentor, further details of which can be found by listening to episode 11 – Carmella Galasso, Head of Small Business Banding at ANZ Bank.

You can listen to this episode here:

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