My Dreamy Experience At Steve Cordony Masterclass

Steve Cordony

I recently attended the Steve Cordony Masterclass held at Rosedale Farm in Orange, and it was the most beyond dreamy experience. After receiving loads of questions and messages about the event, I thought I would share my experience with you in this blog post.

The Masterclass was an exclusive full day intimate styling masterclass. Steve opened up his doors and revealed his newly renovated and decorated country home to guests for the very first time.


For as long as I can remember, I have always loved beautiful homes and interiors. My earliest memories date back to when I was around 4 or 5 years old. I used to wake up early on a Sunday morning, pull out my Derwent coloured pencil set and start drawing houses. I recall being obsessed with walking past people’s homes and admiring their beautiful gardens and style (oh – and this has never changed, I am still constantly looking at peoples homes when I go for walks, runs and drives!). My love for interiors and creating beautiful spaces has been something that’s been engrained in me for as long as I can remember. I held a subscription for Architectural Digest for many years, and would eagerly anticipate when I would receive my copy in the mail each month.


I came across Steve Cordony’s work through instagram a number of years ago, and was instantly drawn to his work. His creativity, vision and taste is exquisite. Not only is Steve Cordony the Style Director and Editor at Large at Belle Magazine, however I would often see his work featured in various magazines and collaborations with global luxury brands including Ralph Lauren, Georg Jensen, Coco Republic amongst many others. If Steve were to ever host a masterclass or publish a book, I knew I would have to jump at the opportunity. Steve truly is one of the industry’s best and one of my absolute favourite interior stylists.


On 29 March 2020, I saw Steve make an announcement on his instagram page that he would be hosting an intimate masterclass at his home in Orange. I immediately sent Steve an email to register my interest, and was hoping that I would be amongst the lucky few who would be able to attend. To my delight, Steve confirmed my booking for the Masterclass, and I immediately jumped into planning mode, for what I knew would be the best and most inspiring weekend ever.

Fast forward to Friday 23 October 2020, and I was driving to Orange ahead of the masterclass on Saturday. When I woke up on Saturday 24 October, it truly felt like it was Christmas morning. It was raining, storming and miserable outside, however no weather was going to get in the way of me having the best day ever.


I pulled up to the beautiful black gates of Rosedale Farm property at 9am, and I could immediately sense the magical energy of this property. Driving up the long, beautiful, driveway in the misty rain, and starting to see the property in the flesh for the first time was truly something special. I parked my car amongst the others who had arrived, and Steve’s wonderful partner Michael was there waiting to pick me up and drive me over to the house so that I would be out of the rain. Already, I could sense that every detail had been considered.


As soon as I arrived at the house, Steve was on the front porch of his home, mingling with the other masterclass guests and warmly welcoming everyone to his home. As I walked up the steps, a personable, warm and delightful Steve without any introduction said “Hi Lara, come into safety (meaning out of the rain)… and welcome to my home!” It was little touches like this – from being picked up in a car, to being greeted by my first name without ever having met Steve before, to the music and ambiance that was created, to the property and home itself… was simply magical.


With no more than 17 guests attending each day, the masterclass had a truly intimate feel. We moved from the front porch to the kitchen for a beautiful breakfast, and started to meet and connect with the other wonderful guests that were there. We all could feel this was a pretty special group of individuals who had come together, and we were all there with a passion for interiors and love of Steve’s work.

Following breakfast, we all moved into the living room for a special styling presentation. Steve shared the intimate details of how he and Michael found the Rosedale Farm property (or perhaps more accurately, how the property found them).

The day comprised of a number of special styling presentations, including:

  • How to style an entire lounge room in 30 minutes.
  • How to style an elegant dinner table including floral artistry.
  • Steve’s portfolio of work.
  • Steve’s key interior styling design principles and elements.
  • How to create a ‘blueprint’ or moodboard.
  • How to create your own style.
  • Steve’s little (big!) black book.

In addition to these sessions, there were plenty of opportunities to walk through Steve’s beautiful and magnificent home, the spectacular gardens, see the many animals, ask loads of questions and learn from Steve. I was in heaven.


The most sensational table was set for us for lunch, which was held in a marquee in the garden. The table was undoubtedly styled to perfection. The food was catered by the talented Amanda of The Cordony Kitchen. We were treated to a beautiful spring garden lunch using produce sourced from the Orange region. In addition to lunch, The Cordony Kitchen ensured we were well looked after for the day, including Moet & Chandon and delicious cheese platters in the afternoon.


The gift bags we took home with us were beyond any event gift bag I’ve ever previously received. We were spoiled with two big gift bags filled with luxury items from brands including Georg Jenson, Waterford, The Daily Edited, Moet & Chandon amongst many others.


The amount of knowledge that was shared, the warmth and generosity of Steve, his beautiful family and team was something that we all felt as guests. They truly were so hospitable and made each and every one of us feel like family. The amount of care, love and detail that went into this day was beyond spectacular.

I learned so many valuable and extensive details on design, decoration and styling of interiors from this day, from someone who truly is a remarkable interior stylist and tastemaker.

To be amongst the first guests to experience the magic of Rosedale Farm and to spend the day with the incredibly kind, warm and talented Steve, is a day I will cherish for the rest of my life.

If you are interested in attending Steve Cordony Masterclass, the next one is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2021. You can keep updated on the release date via Steve’s instagram and website.

I want to close out this post by saying that if you are interested in developing a skill, investing in yourself or attending an event for something you feel passionate about, you should just do it. The lessons you will learn, moments and memories you will create will last a lifetime. Attending this masterclass was worth every penny and so much more.

Photos courtesy of Steve Cordony, images taken by the talented Georgina Egan.

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